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Press Release: Fitness Trainer of The Year 2016 Singapore Award

Help your Fitness Trainer to be recognised with 'Fitness Trainer of The Year 2016 Singapore Award'!


After being the first physique movement in Singapore with continuous innovative project like NutriMan, NutriGirl and NutriShred, NutriFirst is proud to be 1st again in the Fitness industry to be innovative to acknowledge Fitness Trainers’ contribution as they have never been given the opportunity to be recognised and compete to be the TOP Fitness Trainer in Singapore. NutriFirst being one of the pioneers in Sport Nutrition in Singapore since 2003 distributing over 50 renowned sports nutrition and health supplement brands in Singapore, we felt a need to do something and return to the sports and fitness industry to further spur the growth of sports and fitness industry to form a healthier and active Singapore.


Athletes are able to compete and will be awarded with titles, trophies and recognition BUT Fitness Trainers on the other hand have never been recognised for their contribution to individual’s transformation for a better physique or for better health.

For this project, NutriFirst is proud to partner Nabba Singapore to give further recognition to Fitness Trainers as Nabba Singapore is one of the fitness and bodybuilding association in Singapore. With 2 BIG names together, we feel that there’s a need to contribute to our industry with small movements like these. This will also enhance our judging criteria to ensure fairness in scoring.

NABBA is the first and original competitive bodybuilding association in the world. Formed is 1898, NABBA has been the organiser for many acclaimed competitions in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. NABBA’s first Mr Universe contest was won by Steve Reeves who later acted in over 30 Hercules movies. NABBA’s Mr Universe contest has also produced many other talented and famous bodybuilders, including Reg Park, Bill Pearl, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


For events planning and productions to put up a good show for you, we are proud to partner TKS N SONS EST 1975. TKS N SONS PTE LTD a name synonymous in the beauty pageant industry both locally and regionally, from YEAR 2006 TKS N SONS had successfully organized more than 10 Mrs.  Singapore Finals and 5 International Beauty Pageant World Finals

Since year 2006, it had successfully groomed 100s of National and International title winners in the region. As record that had stamped TKS N SONS as a leading Pageant Producer in Asia.

TKS N SONS have also produced South East Asia Business Excellence Award, Asia Excellence Award.


For better recognition for the trainers, we have partnered FitnessSutra and also InfoActive Channel to ensure better visibility for the trainers.

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