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NG CHEE YUAN winner of NutriMan 2015

After winning NutriMan 2015, Team FitnessSutra finally have the time to sit him down and do an interview with NG CHEE YUAN age 27 and currently working as a freelance videographer. See what he expected and achieved from NutriMan 2015 and the also what he did during the competition.



FS: What was your favourite part of the competition?

NG CHEE YUAN: The finals night itself, as we need to put up a good performance for friends who made time to come down to support during the event.



FS: What was your diet before, during and on the finals?

NG CHEE YUAN: My diet has always been the same; maintaining about 40% Carbs, 40% Protein and 20% Fat. To get lean for the competition, I just reduce about 500 kcal in my food intake daily, and when my body fat stopped dropping, I'll just further reduce my food intake.



FS: What was your biggest take away from NutriMan 2015?

NG CHEE YUAN: I made numerous friends who had similar interest through the competition and this made the journey enjoyable even after the event.


FS: Was winning expected & what makes you think you deserve this title?

NG CHEE YUAN: I have never expected winning the title, and I think there are many other individuals who worked a lot harder than I that should have deserve this title.


FS: I believed that competition is over, will you maintain the fitness journey and how?

NG CHEE YUAN: "Fitness" is part of my lifestyle; I thoroughly enjoy lifting weights and there's no real need to be extremely strict with my diet either, which definitely helps me maintain a decent physique. 


FS: What are the challenges faced during competition and how did you overcome them?

NG CHEE YUAN: During the competition, I was working on average of 72 hours and 6 days per week. Getting the training required and preparing my meals was rather tough, I just had to sack up and get the work done for the results that I wanted.



FS: What are the supplements you like most from MusclePharm & Arnold and how does that boost your performance?

NG CHEE YUAN: MP Fish Oil as it is very affordable, and has almost twice as much EPA/DHA than most brands of fish oil. Fish oil has shown to provide a variety of benefits when supplemented. The average diet (red meat, eggs, and so forth) are high in omega-6 fatty acids, which is why fish oil is recommended (to balance the ratio).

A ratio of roughly 1:1 is associated with healthier blood vessels; a lower lipid count and a reduced risk for plaque build up. Fish oil can also decrease the risk of diabetes and several forms of cancer, including breast cancer. It also helps reduce inflammation in the joints from all the heavy lifting in the gym.

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FS: What are your advices for the contestants of the upcoming NutriMan 2016?

NG CHEE YUAN: Consistency and discipline is the key of success. No matter how the day went, or how you feel, put in the work you need to. You only get what you work for.