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Fit Doctors #2: Dental Officer, Leroy Kiang aka @KetoBeast

Despite being in the gymnastics team in secondary school and doing tons of body weight exercises, Dr. Leroy Kiang found it hard to break out of that ectomorph body frame of his. Sick and tired of being scrawny, he decided to go to the gym to gain some size when he was 17 years old.

Currently, the 24 year old standing at 170 cm tall has successfully transformed his physique, weighing in at 82 kg and competed in numerous competitions. He also started working as a fulltime dentist after graduating from dental school recently.


FS: You seem to be into powerlifting, bodybulding, and men's physique. Which do you actually prefer the most? Does your training center around powerlifting or men's physique more?

LK: It's hard to say; I have strength goals and aesthetic goals but I've come to accept that it isn't practical to try to focus on both at the same time, especially as a drug free athlete. At the moment I'm taking a break from competing in physique in order to gain more muscle mass so that I can be bigger at the end of my next cut. I'm using the caloric surplus as an opportunity to work towards strength goals as well, so my training nowadays is definitely geared more towards powerlifting. It's been going well; I've hit a couple of huge milestone PRs recently that I wouldn't have been able to achieve if I kept doing physique shows every 6 months.


FS: What is your current training like?

LK: I currently train 4 to 5 times a week. Every session is centred around a particular compound lift but the weight/number of reps and sets varies according to the kind of program I'm doing. Powerlifters usually plan their training sessions based on programs that are several weeks or even months long. I'm currently running my own program based on what stimulus I feel I need in order to make progress. I usually have a particular number of reps in mind; I will decide whether I am going to do triples, fives or sevens etc and have a target weight to hit. For example, if I want to do triples on squat day, I might aim for a top set of 185kg x 3 and work up to that top set in increments, and see where to go from there. I add assistance exercises after the main lift based on what I feel is the weakest part of the lift.

Monday: Deadlift. Assistance: Stiff leg DL/Deficit DL/Rack pull

Tuesday: Overhead Press, Kroc Rows/Pendlay Rows, Lateral Raises

Wednesday: Bench Press. Assistance: Incline bench/cable flyes

Thursday: Squat. Assistance: Good Mornings/Pause squats. Abs exercises e.g. hanging leg raises, windshield wipers, cable crunches

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Bench Press. Assistance: DB skull crushers/close grip bench. Occasionally biceps


FS: What is your current  diet like?

LK: My Instagram handle is @ketobeast but I'm actually not doing a ketogenic diet right now. I'll go back to keto or intermittent fasting for my next cut. At the moment I'm doing 6 meals a day, spaced 2 to 4 hours apart.

Meal 1: 7am ­ Sandwiches with P28 high protein peanut butter spread

Meal 2: 10.30am ­ 3 scoops of Animal Mass

Meal 3: 1pm ­ Lunch with colleagues. Can be anything really.

Meal 4: 5pm ­ Pre­workout and 3 scoops of Animal Mass

Meal 5: 8pm ­ Post­workout meal; Chicken breast/steak/fish, sweet potatoes/brown rice, vegetables

Meal 6: 11pm ­ 1 scoop casein


FS: What does your supplement stack look like?

LK: Lean mass gainer: Animal Mass

Creatine Monohydrate

Pre­workout: ProSupps Dr Jekyll



FS: How do you manage to squeeze in time for training on top of your hectic schedule  as a dentist?

LK: I'm fortunate enough to be working regular office hours right now; I actually have more free time now than when I was in dental school. I'm usually in the gym by 5.30pm on working days and can finish training in time for dinner. I sometimes also train later at night at around 10pm if I'm too drained from work that day.


FS: Any future competition plans?

LK: I'm considering doing SPI in November this year.

(UPDATE: We believe he hit a best attempt of 217.5kg for Squat, 142.5kg for Bench and 250kg for Deadlift. CONGRATS Leroy! )


FS: What are your top 3 training tips?

LK: 1) Set small, reasonable goals for yourself, have a solid plan to help you achieve those goals, then smash them and set the bar higher.

2) There is a way out of every plateau; be open to trying new exercises and programs in order to make progress.

3) Train smart and listen to your body; everyone has good days and bad days in the gym. Give your 100% but not at the expense of safety. When something doesn't feel right, it is always better to take a step back and return another day than to risk a major injury that can put you out of the game for weeks or months. Stay safe!


Thanks for the interview Leroy!